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Thoracic Surgery

Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy

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This minimally invasive procedure corrects hyperhydrosis, a condition of excessive perspiration in the face and hands, beyond what is necessary to cool the body. The approximately five million sweat glands of the body are controlled by the sympathetic nervous system.

The Surgery

Surgeons are able to access the sympathetic nervous system with minimally invasive surgery done on an outpatient basis. Under general anesthesia, a micro incision is made under each armpit, and an endoscopic camera and instrument are inserted. The camera enables the doctor to watch what he does on monitors.

The surgeon uses the endoscopic instrument to clamp the segment of the sympathetic nerve chain responsible for the excessive sweating. Four titanium clips are placed on each side of the nerve chain, disabling the involved nerves. Once the procedure is complete, the instruments are carefully removed. The incision is sutured internally with absorbent sutures that do not require removal. Patients are able to return to their normal routine in a short period of time.

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